Universal Postal Truck Cup & Scanner Holder


Upgrade your workday with our 3D-Printed Universal Postal Truck Double Cup and Scanner Holder. Perfectly fits LLV, FFV and Metris vehicles. Features a secure scanner slot, two versatile cup holders, and additional compartments for essential items. Easily clips onto your vehicle’s mail tray or firewall. Built for durability and efficiency, it’s the ultimate organizational tool for any postal carrier.


Introducing our meticulously designed 3D-Printed Universal Postal Truck Double Cup and Scanner Holder, a game-changer for postal carriers. Crafted with the utmost care, this holder is specifically designed to meet the multi-tasking needs of mail carriers on the move.


  • Universal Fit: Designed for compatibility with various postal vehicles like LLV, FFV and Metris.
  • Scanner Slot: A secure compartment to hold your handheld scanner, ensuring it’s within arm’s reach.
  • Dual Cup Holders: One slot accommodates larger containers like a Hydro Flask, while the other fits standard-sized cups, so you stay hydrated on your route.
  • Additional Storage: Integrated compartments for storing essential items like scissors, a smartphone, and writing instruments, including space for three pens and one large Sharpie marker.
  • Easy Installation: Effortlessly clips onto the mail tray or firewall of the postal vehicle.
  • Durable 3D-Printed Material: Although you may notice minor imperfections due to the 3D-printing process, rest assured these do not compromise the product’s functionality or durability.

Stay organized and efficient on your routes. Make our 3D-Printed Universal Postal Truck Double Cup and Scanner Holder a part of your daily work gear today.