Milk-Bone Original Dog Biscuits, Medium Crunchy Dog Treats, 10 Pound


Keep your route friendly and your furry encounters pleasant with Milk Bone Crunchy Dog Treats. These individually wrapped, nutritious treats help build goodwill and minimize dog-related disruptions, all while fitting conveniently in your mail truck. Make your routes a wagging success!


Whether you’re on your daily delivery route or working through the holiday mail rush, you’ll inevitably encounter four-legged friends. Milk Bone Crunchy Dog Treats are specially designed for mail carriers like you who wish to create a friendly atmosphere in every neighborhood.

Why It’s a Must-Have for Mail Carriers:

  1. Builds Goodwill: Sharing a treat helps establish positive relations with dogs, making future deliveries smoother and more enjoyable.
  2. Safety First: A well-fed dog is less likely to be aggressive. Keep a box in your truck and you can help minimize confrontations.
  3. Convenience: These treats are individually wrapped for freshness and easy distribution, saving you time and hassle during your busy day.
  4. Nutritious: Made from wholesome ingredients, these treats are a healthy snack option for dogs, so pet owners will appreciate your thoughtful gesture.
  5. Compact Packaging: The treats come in a compact, easy-to-store box that won’t take up much room in your truck.

Choose Milk Bone Crunchy Dog Treats to make each delivery not just a job, but a way to contribute positively to your community, one dog at a time.